We transform a complex idea into a simple message. We develop a clear, powerful, concise message. We submit a synopsis for your validation before shooting.


We help you find the video format that best suits your needs. Horizontal, square, vertical, from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, adapted to your intranet, your website or social networks. We can also decline a video in several formats.


Our teams are composed of at least two people: an editorial specialist and an image specialist. We always strive to capture the truthful and spontaneous testimonial.


Our editorial specialist coaches the interviewees in situ, so as to help them deliver a clear, spontaneous message, If needed we can make available a prompter.


Our editing is adapted for web viewing, fast, efficient with subtitled messages and post-production effects - colours, Fade In / Fade Out, graphics - if needed and music.


We advise you in the distribution of videos on your internal channels, your website and social networks. At your request we will provide you with a copy of the rushes for future use.