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General Manager

Sophie Maisel

Co-founder Nice Day, Former Grand Reporter France2, 1st prize of the Figra, former UKcorrespondent for BFMtv, Arte Journal, Canal+


Camerawoman, editor, director

Aurélie Joly

Director, specialist in image, editing and special effects, fiction or institutional, very rigorous


Cameraman Editor

Julien Nourry

Journalist France2 and France3, image specialist, realization of reports and magazines, great aesthete


Cameraman Editor

Cassandre Mallay

Journalist BFMtv, Cnews, France Télévision, C8, France2 London, magazine production, in front or behind the camera


Editor, motion-designer, A.D

Édouard Rigaudière

All-rounder, visual effects, sound-design, graphic designer. Very creative and available. Likes to handle images and sound to magnify them.