Dauphine Fundation

Dauphine Fundation

The Dauphine Foundation was our first client.
Their goal was to build a network of former Dauphine students and to entice them to contribute financially to the Dauphine Foundation, which supports projects such as the Equal Opportunities Program.
Nice Day Agency produce portraits of 4 youths benefiting from the Equal Opportunities programme. 30-second videos formatted for social networks. We then created a 4 weeks programmatic campaign on LinkedIn and Facebook, targeting alumni in France. This campaign went viral and was a great success with over 500,000 single views.

Bakari Bidanessy
Emeline Joujou
Laetitia Genety
Moustapha Amadou

Later, we produced two other videos for the Dauphine Foundation, a video that is presented in high schools to attract youths to the Equal Opportunity Programme.

and another one that is used to explain to potential donors, in a concise manner, the missions of the Dauphine Foundation.

Each time, Nice Day Agency worked smoothly with the communication teams. We proposed innovative formats, wrote scripts to align everyone on the the same vision and delivered the videos in a very short time.